Carp Fishing From Shore

Carp fishing from shore of a river can be a lot of fun for the entire family and not break the bank. There are so many rivers and lakes in the world that have carp and catfish that you are almost assured of catching something each time you go fishing.
Fishing for carp from the shoreline is an easy and relaxing way to fish. All you need is a fishing rod and reel that can handle fish anywhere from 2 pounds to 25 pounds. Carp do get pretty big, especially the buffalo carp species.

Carp are usually easy to catch. They are the type of fish that scours the bottom of the river for food. They have a mouth like a vacuum cleaner sucking up anything that it can eat. Live bait such as worms do not usually work, however they will suck it up occasionally if its lying on the bottom of the river.
Bait for carp can be as simple as corn on a hook. Bread balls or dough balls works pretty well if you can keep it on the hook. If you have some bread, take a piece out of the center and roll it up in a small ball and attach it to the hook. I have caught many carp this way when I was younger and had no money for bait. Make sure it lies on the bottom of the river or lake so the carp can find it and suck it up as its sweeping the bottom. Keep in mind that if there is top water scum or algae, they will also suck that up. So fishing with a top water item like a fly has also been known to work. Some people fish for carp with a fly rod and reel outfit.

Carp fishing from shore can get pretty exciting when a carp takes your line out for a run after it gets hooked. No need for a bobber fishing for carp. Just cast your line out and let it sit on the bottom of the river of lake you are fishing. I have had some very big carp that would fight for a long time before I could get it in to shore. This is one fish that can be easy to catch and can get really big. Some of the biggest fish I have caught over the years on freshwater rivers and lakes have been carp.
Fishing for carp can sometimes yield many other fish, such as catfish, bullhead, walleye and panfish of all kinds. They all live in the rivers and lakes of this country. So enjoy carp fishing from shore at your nearest river or lake.

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