The Art Of Flirting Online In 3 Steps

Flirting has existed since the Ice Age and while the platform of flirting has changed over time, the concept of flirting remains the same. If you are new to the online scene of dating, flirting online may be an idea you have not yet familiarized yourself with. Whether you are sending instant messages through your AOL or MSN instant messenger, or you are signed up with popular dating websites, having the skills necessary for flirting is important to target people you see potential with and weed out those you do not want to lead on. Below are tips on how to flirt and how to maintain a meaningful conversation that could lead to a long-term relationship.

Do Your Research
The first step to flirting online is finding someone to flirt with. With a number of different resources online geared to online dating and making connections with people in your area, there are several useful instruments and social sites to choose from. Websites like MySpace, Plenty of Fish, and ; you can browse through social profiles and get an idea for the person without even contacting them. While looks are not everything, there must be an initial attraction that will lead to flirting online. Once you have narrowed your search, leave a quick message about yourself and then wait for a response. One of the primary benefits of flirting online is that rejection is something that is much easier to deal with. If you do not hear a reply, you simply move on to the next person on your list and shift your attention without being publicly humiliated.

Say It Like You Mean It
Once you have received a response from your initial message, it is important to allow some time to elapse between contacts. An immediate response when flirting online can come off as desperation rather than a genuine interest. Make each communication valuable and interesting instead of sending meaningless messages that have no substance. Your messages, emails and instant messages will become more powerful when you send them less often and with more weight. If you do not come off as a person who becomes easily attached while flirting online, your relationship may become more serious.

Make It Personal
Once you enter your 20’s, emoticons should be used sparingly to set a tone. Sending a wink to someone you are interested in is definitely OK to set the tone of your conversation and let the potential date know you are interested. While it may seem juvenile, these icons replace facial expressions you may portray if you were face to face. With emoticons, people flirting online can emphasize statements and get their point across without even saying it.
While there are ups and downs associated with online dating, many individuals who have not found true love are turning to online dating to find people they would not typically meet within their community. Consider these tips when flirting online and be on your way to flirting in person.

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